Top 100 Prog-Résiste 1980-2000 (Part 2)

La seconde partie du classement.

51-Quidam: Quidam
52-Camel: Harbour Of Tears
53-Outer Limits: The Scene Of Pale Blue
54-After Crying: Megalazottak Es Megso
55-King Crimson: Discipline
56-Nexus: Detras Del Umbral
57-Mugen: Sinfonia Della Luna
58-Yes: 90125
59-High Wheel: There
60-Pendragon: The World
61-Camel: Rajaz
62-Yes: Keys To Ascension 2
63-Dogma: Twin Sunrise
64-Pink Floyd: The Division Bell
65-Devil Doll: Eliogabalus
66-Twin Age: Lialim High
67-Finisterre: In Limine
68-Yes: Keys To Ascension 1
69-Saga: Worlds Apart
70-Asia Minor: Between Flesh And Divine
71-It Bites: Once Around The World
72-Asgard: Arkana
73-Echolyn: Suffocating The Bloom
74-Jadis: More Than Meets The Eye
75-Versus X: Disturbance
76-Priam: Three Distances
77-Dream Theater: Images And Words
78-Yes: Drama
79-Genesis: Duke
80-Aufklarung: De La Tempesta...
81-Universal T.O: Rituale Alieno
82-White Willow: Ignus Fatuus
83-Solaris: Nostradamus
84-Echolyn: As The World
85-Therion: Vovin
86-Therion: Deggial
87-Tale Cue: Voices Beyond My Curtain
88-Outer Limits: Misty Moon
89-Step Ahead: Step Ahead
90-Ozric Tentacles: Pungent Effulgent
91-Lacrimosa: Elodia
92-Iluvatar: Children
93-Roger Waters: Amused To Death
94-Flower Kings: The Flower King
95-Jean-Pierre Alarcen: Tableau n2
96-Casino: Casino
97-Flower Kings: Retropolis
98-Porcupine Tree: Coma Divine
99-Ozric Tentacles: Erpland
100-Par Lindh Project: Gothic Impressions.

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